• Experienced Auto Body Repair & Restoration by Certified Mechanics in the Golconda, Illinois Area

    For over 40 years, Donnie’s Body Shop has been the place to go for auto body repair and vehicle restoration for those in the Golconda, Illinois area. We are a family-owned business that specializes in collision repair. We have the equipment, bays, and ASE-certified mechanics to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Whether you need collision repair, hail damage repair, automotive painting, or repairs for an insurance claim, you can trust our experienced mechanics at Donnie’s Body Shop to handle the job. Furthermore, we also offer a lifetime warranty which ensures our customers never have to pay twice for the same repair service. When you want collision repair in the Golconda, Illinois area, the number one choice is Donnie’s Body Shop. Our ASE and I-Car certified mechanics use state-of-the-art equipment to help preserve the look and value of your vehicle, restoring it back to its pristine condition.

  • Collision Repair in the Golconda, Illinois Area

    Whether you need auto body repair for a minor door ding or something more extensive like a major auto accident, the place to visit for your collision repair and vehicle restoration in the Golconda, Illinois area is Donnie’s Body Shop. Our experienced and skillful technicians offer collision repair, frame straightening, and vehicle restoration throughout the Golconda, Illinois area. Donnie’s Body Shop collision repair process includes:

    • Visual Inspection & Estimate
    • Removed All Damaged Parts
    • Body & Structural Damage Repair
    • Refinishing
    • Factory Finish
  • Hail Damage Repair in the Golconda, Illinois Area

    Golconda, Illinois is known for its erratic weather conditions. It could switch from a warm sunny afternoon to a hailstorm in the blink of an eye. When this happens, your vehicle may be vulnerable to hail damage. Hail is notorious for leaving a vehicle with dents and dimples all over, making it an embarrassment to drive. However, Donnie’s Body Shop is here to help. With our certified mechanics and affordable rates, we are the place to go for hail damage repair in the Golconda, Illinois area.

  • Automotive Painting in the Golconda, Illinois Area

    The last step of any vehicle restoration process is automotive painting. Your collision repair isn’t completely done until your vehicle has a factory-finished paint job from our experienced technicians at Donnie’s Body Shop. We have modern technology to accurately color match the exact paint code, after our automotive painting, you won’t be able to tell that any work has been done on the vehicle.

  • Insurance Claim Repairs in the Golconda, Illinois Area

  • When you are in an auto accident or your vehicle suffers from any type of damage, the first thing you should do is contact your insurance company to see how they can help. You’ll have to file a claim, but after paying a deductible, they should be on the hook for the rest of the financial assistance you need. The good news is you can visit any auto body repair shop to restore your vehicle back to pristine condition. The better news is that Donnie’s Body Shop has years of experience working with insurance companies on car repair and restoration. We went offer lifetime warranty coverage to ensure that you receive the collision repair you deserve and never have to pay for the same service twice. Contact Donnie’s Body Shop for your insurance claim repairs in the Golconda, Illinois area.

  • Donnie’s Body Shop Is The Local’s First Choice Because:

    • We work with your insurance provider
    • Understand the process of filing a claim
    • Restore your vehicle to pristine condition
    • Provide a lifetime warranty on parts, labor, and repairs
    • Experienced and certified mechanics
    • An effective and efficient process